Who are we ?


Asteria Books & Events offers books in print, audio, and e-book formats as well as online classes, in-person gatherings, and more. We specialize in esoteric writing and events.

This app is specifically designed for the communities that are forming around Asteria's work -- as a central hub of knowledge, inspiration, and communication.

Asteria Books & Events was founded by Laurelei Black and is home to the Red Thread Academy, the College of the Doves, and more!

The Red Thread Academy is a school of Traditional Witchcraft. It specifically teaches the Spiral Castle Tradition's approach to the Craft, which can be classifide as American and folkloric. (In fact, the founders of this Trad were the first to use the term "American Folkloric Witchcraft" to describe their practice.)

The College of the Doves is a training program for those who are called to work closely with Aphrodite -- as priests, priestexes, and devotees.